The "Mendocino"

"Our FOREVER home has more than met our expectations."

Mendocino Front View - Courtesy Califonia Packaged Homes

Below is a letter sent to us by a customer of California Packaged Homes who had our Mendocino model built.

When we decided to build our FOREVER home, we wanted to make CHOICES. Pacific Modern Homes provided the perfect solution. We chose the "Mendocino" model because it basically suited the needs of a husband who ran his business from home and a wife that needed office space and a hobby room. The four bedrooms gave us our master bedroom, guest room, hobby room, and a business office. The #4 bedroom was in a great spot for a business office that could be accessed without going through the other bedroom areas. That closet space was replaced with bookcases and storage. A hallway closet next to the office area was converted to a half bath with minimal wall changes.

Pacific Modern Homes easily modified the basic plan to suit our particular requests; we even added a see through fireplace between the family room and nook. Since we had made the modifications during the planning stage, all of the changes were integrated into the package at the factory and the home was delivered with all the new walls in place. Our home arrived ready to be erected on our raised foundation. The first wall was installed before the second trailer had even begun to unload the trusses! That was pretty impressive in itself. Within 3 weeks we had a fully enclosed, weather resistant home and we were well into our CHOICES.

Our FOREVER home has more than met our expectations. It just happens that we live at the top of a hill with a 3600 view. We sit on our porch and watch the red-tailed hawks at sunset or the red fox at sunrise. We are very happy with our CHOICES and at this time can say there is nothing we would do differently were we given the option. We now look forward to celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in our FOREVER home on New Year's Eve, 2016. Pacific Modern Homes definitely made this possible.